Configuring WordPress

General Settings

Click Settings in the left hand menu.


Enter a blog title, usually your name. The tagline is optional. Leave it empty if you wish. Change the timezone to UTC -5.

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes”

Writing, Reading, Discussion Settings

We will skip Writing, Reading, Discussion for now.

Media Settings

Click on “Media” in the “Settings” menu.

Change Large Size to 900 width and 600 height. The other settings should remain as the default.

Note: You should prepare your images according to these dimensions, as well. Images should be no more than 900 pixels wide or 600 pixels high.


Don’t forget to click “Save Changes”

Permalink Settings

Click Permalink in the Settings menu. Enter the following in “Custom Structure”:

This will make the url more “friendly” and will be in everyday language.

Click “Save Changes”.


For more information see WordPress Docs on Permalinks. Technical problems can develop when creating friendly urls. This is probably caused by an .htaccess file that is not writable or does not exist. Read the Wordpess Docs on Permalinks to solve the problem. Most of teh information you need will be in the section titled “Using ‘Pretty’ permalinks”.

Miscellaneous Settings

Leave the Miscellaneous Setting as is.