Alan Wiener

Alan Wiener and I shared studio visits several years ago and I have admired his work for its quiet but fervent ambition.  His is an art of paradox. His work suggests that the  OCD detective, Monk, collaborated with the philosopher of flux, Heraclitus,  who wrote, “Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers .” I can imagine his work as a 3-D spreadsheet of all that is without a fixed shape, all that is fluid. The rows of flow  are cross-referenced with columns of goo – tabular data of frozen ooze.

I have wanted to add his work to my site’s collection of sculptors but Carol Diehl expressed my thoughts more clearly and forcefully. Rather than rework what she has already said I thought I would share a few images and urge you to read her review of Alan’s work at Feature Gallery in June of 2012.   I was particularly moved by her last line, “In an era where so much “sculpture” consists of gatherings of found objects, the commitment to handmade abstract objects is a radical act.”

Alan Wiener’s website.
Carol Diehl’s review in Art in America
Alan Wiener on Gridspace



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