Elise Siegel

After seeing Elise Siegel‘s work in the two person show (with Mie Yim) at Storefront Ten Eyck, I was inspired to clean up and post a few paragraphs I wrote about her work a couple of years ago. Go see the exhibition. It’s great. Elise Siegel is a sculptor whose …
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Joel Otterson

I had not seen Joel Otterson’s work or heard of him for nearly 20 years but wondered what happened to him. Was he one of the many casualties of the art world? Was he laying low through choice? Had he stopped making art to move onto something else more enjoyable …
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Ronald Bladen

Sometime in the 80’s I saw a show of Ronald Bladen’s recent sculpture. Moved to write about the show, Raphael Rubenstein and I collectively wrote a response for Arts Magazine. The exhibition was odd, fitting into neither his own oeuvre nor the prevailing artistic concerns of the time.
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Alan Wiener

Alan Wiener and I shared studio visits several years ago and I have admired his work for its quiet but fervent ambition.  His is an art of paradox. His work suggests that the  OCD detective, Monk, collaborated with the philosopher of flux, Heraclitus,  who wrote, “Ever-newer waters flow on those …
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Elisa Lendvay

The Brooklyn Rail online published my review of the sculptor, Elisa Lendvay. ELISA LENDVAY Small Sculpture “The feeling of intimacy generated by Lendvay’s work arises not just from the diminutive size of her sculpture but also as a result of her generous invitation into her studio, wherein she allows us …
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Nancy Davidson

Some thoughts about Nancy Davidson’s sculpture Dustup, shown at Betty Cuningham Gallery in September of 2012. What could be more daring than filling a room with the voluptuous lower curves of three cowgirls?
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Julia Kunin

I wrote about Nightwood, Julia Kunin’s exhibition at Greenberg Van Doren in 2012. Please read A LETTER TO RAPHAEL RUBINSTEIN from Daniel Wiener.

Jeanne Silverthorne

Task Chair and other Sculptures by Jeanne Silverthorne

I wrote about Jeanne Silverthorne’s show at David Mckee in the Brooklyn Rail. As usual, portions of the text were edited out so the piece would fit into the magazine’s format, so I am including some of the lost text. Please read A LETTER TO RAPHAEL RUBINSTEIN from Daniel Wiener …
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Angelika Arendt

How does it feel to discover a compatriot – a fellow-traveler who has been a stranger up until this point – whose work speaks in similar thoughts as your own? After a friend sent me a link to the work of Angelika Arendt, I was a bit astounded by the …
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Better Than Sculpture

Sometimes “engineering” is better than run-of-the-mill contemporary sculpture. The marble machine depicted below is created by xeniaguy2 (I could not find out his real name) and it looks like it is something he is making as a “hobby”. Even though it is easily described as a “Rube Goldberg” contraption, it …
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