Laughing Out Loud

Tread at the Heart

Featuring works by:

Nadine Beauharnois, Todd Bienvenu, Caroline Chandler, Ari Eshoo, Seth Kaufman, Christina Kelly, Jen Nista, Archie Rand, Kameelah Rasheed, Michael Scoggins, Emilie Selden, Petra Valentova, Daniel Wiener, Crys Yin

Humor is culturally specific and nuanced. It’s hard to pin down – but like love, we know it when we feel it. While the fourteen artists in “Laughing Out Loud” make various kinds of art, they have been selected for this exhibition because of their shared investigation into how funny functions in narrative content and in technical execution. Humor in art can subvert meta-narratives and make us think, while also invoking an involuntary and cathartic laugh.

The artists in “Laughing Out Loud” use humor through conceptual, formal, and material incongruity in their work. This serves to invert and expose power dynamics through absurd pairings and combinations. The artists in this show create work that is subversive, weird, brave, and brilliant. The resulting artwork is subversive, weird, brave, and brilliant. Humor is disarming, and can pack a punch of social commentary and rebellion against conventions. Laughter enables viewers to gives themselves over to the art, even if just for a moment of psychological vulnerability and aesthetic experience.


Unnatural Circumstances