Plant Body, Animal Body



Details and Press Release

Included artists: Jose Bedia, Mort Golub, Keith Goodhart, Yuko Oda, Lubos Plny, Tim Rowan, Christine Sefolosha, Hyungsub Shin, Ignacio Carles-Tolra, Ryo Toyonaga, Daniel Wiener, Gregory Van

Cavin-Morris Gallery is pleased to present Plant Body, Animal Body, a continuation of exhibitions begun nearly fifteen years ago when the gallery was in its Soho location. This group show brings together gallery and invited artists who explore interspecies references and connections in their works through anthropomorphism, shape shifting, and metaphysical insinuation. We will feature gallery artists: Gregory Van Maanen whose wolf skull drawings serve as amulets against violence and political idiocy, Ignacio Carles-Tolra’s whose wise amorphic beings caught the eye of Jean Dubuffet, and Lubos Plny’s obsessive and intricate insights into biology invite feelings of repulsion and attraction from the viewer. Mort Golub’s masks are crossroads of cultural patination and form, while Christina Sefolosha’s hallucinatory voyages on paper merge animal and human into archaic dream states, and anonymous artists hands’ in Mongolia diagram healing drawings based on tree forms. Included are Keith Goodhart’s limbic call-ups of protective energies for his sheep ranch and Tim Rowan’s subtle eidetic projections from local New York bluestone. Invited guest artists are the haunting otherworldly sculptures and drawings by Ryo Toyonaga, Jose Bedia’s Santeria portrait of Yemaya, the mysterious botanical evocations of Hyungsub Shin, the ethereal sensual paintings of Yuko Oda, and the simultaneous madcap and sinister sculptures of Daniel Wiener.

The exhibition’s wide ground satisfies our obsessive need for dancing with the eclectic; we regard it as part of our 25th anniversary series.


DANIEL WIENER at Cavin Morris Gallery by