Alexander Ross on Daniel Wiener in Bomb Magazine

I am very pleased that Alexander Ross wrote about my work in the Artists on Artists series in the most recent issue of Bomb Magazine.

Alex writes, ‘”Wow, that’s quite a baroque nightmare happening there on your wall… It’s petrified dragon skin, right?” I’m imagining dinner guests arriving at some home where  Daniel  Wiener’s  acid-trip  sculpture  Flame Meander is threatening to crawl down and fuse with someone’s spinal column. They are saying things to their hostess like, “I trust you haven’t paid for this yet, you’re just trying it out to see…” Yet by the end of the evening, my fantasy continues, after having sat with glasses of wine on a Wiener “bench” sculpture with their fanny fat Sagging into the Space Between the Slats (2011, Apoxie-Sculpt, metal) they are thinking that they too need one of Wiener’s alien bog artifacts for their own homes.’ The most recent Bomb Magazine is not online but it is on the newsstands now.

Also included in the Artists on Artists series are the great sculptors, Michelle Segre and Sheila Pepe. It is an honor to be in the same issue with them.

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