Jeanne Silverthorne

I wrote about Jeanne Silverthorne’s show at David Mckee in the Brooklyn Rail. As usual, portions of the text were edited out so the piece would fit into the magazine’s format, so I am including some of the lost text. Please read A LETTER TO RAPHAEL RUBINSTEIN from Daniel Wiener to understand the context.

Task Chair, rubber, mixed media, 2010

And here is the chair where “Jeanne” works. Since sculpture is made up a series of tasks, more so than painting and many of the other art forms, her chair is known as the Task Chair, 2010. Since I make things, myself, I can’t help but wonder how many molds were made to complete the Task Chair? I marvel at the futility of the enterprise since no task can be accomplished in this Task Chair, the replica of her studio chair displayed at the McKee Gallery, except the task of unraveling the conundrum of its self-cancelling existence.


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