Crimp, Wobble & Writhe

Former Title: Coils and Ramps

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I have a method for choosing title for my sculptures. The first step is to find some basic and obvious words related to the sculpture. Then i search for poems at htpp:// and trying to find suggestive phrases and words. I collect them. Once I have found a group of words and phrases I beging to riff off of them, combine and re-combine them using trial and error until I find the “right: phrase that can be used as a title. The process of choosing a title is very much like my process when making a sculpture using a mixture of chance, cultural association and a fine-tuned sense of serendipity.


I wanted to rename this piece because friends bought the piece, so I wanted a more official name. And I wanted to use my naming process as a form to become a certificate of authenticity instead of a signature. Each sculpture comes with a document. Here are the quotes with links that I start from:

May 15, 2012
Found when searching for grotto

1959 by Gregory Corso
“I drop the wheelwright’s simple principle—
Why weave the garland? Why ring the bell?”

“lyrical fabricator’s inescapable theme”

“paroling meaning to meaning”

“annexing what might be meaningful”

By Lynn Emanuel


Boleros 14
By Jay Wright

“street tile’s serpentine hiss under the evening’s drone”

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