Configuring WPFolio

NOTE: You can also take a look at’s instructions for WPFolio:
WPFolio Instructions and Steve Lambert’s “WPFolio User’s Manual” also has great instructions.

Configuring Widgets

The names of Categories and Pages will be the items in the your navigation.

Click “Widgets” in the “Appearance” in the leftside menu.


In “Available Widgets” drag the “WPFolio Categories” banner to the “navbar”.


Open WPFolio Categories Widget by clicking the triangle at the top right. To customize the order of the categories fill in the catgory slug names in the order you wish. Be sure to separate them with a comma. If you are unsure of the category slug name go to Posts->Categories to check them. A slug name will be the category name written in all lower case letters. There is a bug with WPFolio so that you cannot use category names of more than one word. For example “Recent Work” will cause an error. This will be solved in the next version of WPFolio.

Don’t forget to click “Save”.

Note: A category will not appear on your website until it includes posts.


In “Available Widgets” drag the “Pages” banner to the “navbar”. I recommend that you place “Pages” beneath the “WPFolio Categories” widget. Pages will then appear after Categories in your site navigation.

Ordering Pages – Pages can be ordered alphabetically by title, by their ID or you can customize their order by choosing “Page order” from the drop down list.

WPFolio, ordering pages

You can also exclude pages by adding their ID number.

WPFolio, widget, exclude page

Skip this step if you are not customizing the page order. To customize “Page” order, navigate to Pages->Edit Pages and click on a Page. Add the order number to “order” in the “Attributes” subpanel. Remember that WordPress, like many digital products, starts with 0 and not with 1. Then “Update” your page.

WpFolio Ordering Pages

Note: You may notice some comments regarding ordering categories in the menu. The instructions above should minimize those problems. If you need to customize your menu more than this you will need to add the new Menus feature of WordPress 3.0 to your installation of WPFolio. This requires some coding. Check the WordPress Codex for instructions.

More Widgets – adding a footer

Also included in WPFolio are Widgets to add text, RSS feed, and credits to the footer. There is a very good explanation of adding these widgets at the WPFolio User’s Manual. Take a look.

Changing the background color, font and other options.

WPFolio gives you some control over the fonts, font colors, font size and background color.

Go to Appearances->Current Theme Options in the left hand subpanel.

WPFolio Options

Change the options as needed. Click “Save Changes”. I recommend using trial and error to experiment with how your site looks.

WpFolio Options

Go to the WPFolio Owner’s Manual for more detailed instructions on fonts, etc.