No Plans For Today


No Plans for Today at Fun Times Gallery


Featuring Work By: Ky Anderson, Tyler Dobson, Franklin Evans , Joseph Hart, Shaun Krupa, Elisa Lendvay, Lauren Luloff, Brion Nuda Rosch, Vicki Sher and Daniel Wiener

“I don’t even think it’s been a conscious choice of mine. I’ve only known one way to work and it’s been to follow, you know…my mind goes with the wind and where it goes I follow…”
– David Scher

“I love studio practice”
– Dona Nelson

Some artists go into the studio with an open end. These artists value their commitment to the studio as a venue for exploration and risk taking. Their avenue toward fresh and original results requires dispensing with a carefully devised plan of action. That is not to say that restrictions and specificity are not in play. Even artists who surrender to accident and surprise still enjoy setting complex limitations and devising systemic parameters. Their joy in the studio, in striking a balance and/or duking-it-out between strategy and reckless abandon is evident in their work.

It is a fitting time to celebrate this mode of working. The economy is down, and no one needs to be locked into thematic production to satisfy the market’s expectations. The instability of an uncertain economy has benefits in the studio. Artists can do what they want -as they should be doing all the time- but sometimes forget when the stress of deadlines and financial pressure takes freedom away.