Twin Twin Postcard Edition


From around 1998 until early 2001, I worked on a stop-action animation using plasticene, a claymation.  In 2001 I took a break from the arduous process of animating and never finished the piece. One of the last vignettes I made showed a tower emerging out of water, then rising up, transforming into elongated colored cubes. And then toppling over and being swallowed by a rogue wave, disappearing absolutely below the surface of the water. Depsite the fact that it is a short and playful sequence, it has always seemed to me to be prescient of the twin towers toppling to the ground. Few people notice this, but, to me, I can’t help but find it remarkable that a few months before the towers were knocked over in Lower Manhattan, I was painstakingly knocking over a toy tower in my studio.



Image of the postcard with stills from the stop-action animation

Installation Shot at Pierogi Gallery