ArtSEEN – Brooklyn Rail – Letter to Raphael Rubinstein

Raphael Rubinstein curated the April issue of ArtSeen in the Brooklyn Rail and asked each author to write reviews in the form of a letter. I wrote to Raphael, with whom I collaborated on art-writing in the 80s, about Jeanne Silverthorne’s show at David Mckee Gallery and Julia Kunin’s show at Greenberg Van Doren Gallery.

I began by saying, “I am addressing this letter to you in honor of the art criticism we wrote together in the 1980s, trading paper manuscripts back and forth with revisions long before the “convenience” of sending texts through the digital ether. I have been thinking about your recent writing on “provisional painting” and have seen the work of two sculptors whose current shows may present an alternative take on the provisional.” Read More.

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