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February 2013
Brooklyn Rail – Elisa Lendvay – Small Sculpture at Jason McCoy Gallery | September 12 – October 26, 2012

January 2013
Nancy Davidson’s Dust Up at Betty Cuningham


April 2012
Brooklyn Rail, Art Seen, Letter to Raphael Rubinstein – Jeanne Silverthorne at David Mckee and Julia Kunin at Greenberg Van Doren


Bomb Magazine, Artists on Artists, Daniel Wiener on R.M. Fischer.

Angelika Arendt

M/E/A/N/I/N/G Online #5 – 25th Anniversary Edition (2011)
Online Curmudgeon and Open Source Evangelist

Flash Art

The following articles were written in collaboration with Meyer Raphael Rubenstein:

Summer 89
Christian Marclay at Tom Cugliani

January 89
Robert Ryman at the Dia Foundation
Robert Gober at Paula Cooper

Summer 88
Polly Apfelbaum at Loughleton

May/June 88
David Reed at Max Protech
Ronald Bladen at Washburn
Kenneth Noland at Emmerich

March/April 88
Christopher Lucas at John Good

The following articles were written by Daniel Wiener

September/October 90
Ree Morton at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Summer 90
Bruce Nauman at Castelli, Sperone–Westwater  and 65 Thompson

May/June 90
Joel Otterson at Jay Gorney

March/April 90
Julian Schnabel

January/February 90
Luciano Fabro at SteinGladstone

Novvember/December 90
Christopher Wilmarth at MOMA

Arts Magazine

The following articles were written in collaboration with Meyer Rafael Rubenstein:

December 86  
“A Counter cultural Didacticism and a Partisanship of Noise: John Cage and Jaime Reid”

Summer 86
“David Salle”

January 87
“Reasoned and Fluid: New Work by Jan Frank”

March 87
“Sites and Sight: Considerations on Walter De Maria, Jeff Koons and Tom Butter”

April 87
“New Painting by Jose Maria Sicilia”
“Paintings Both Indispensable and Mundane: New Work of Domenicho Bianchi”

Summer 87
“Kenji Fujita and David Winter: Sculpture as and Exact and Not–So–Exact Science”

December  87
“Interview with Sidney Tillim”

Summer 87
“Transatlantic Passages: Recent Sculpture by Garth Evans”

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